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Stair & Enclosure Solutions

Stair & Enclosure Solutions

Precast concrete stair systems offer a variety of benefits for the owner, architect and end-user. These include:

Speed of Construction

Because they are modular units, precast concrete stair systems can be fabricated in advance of need while other work is underway. They then can be installed quickly once the site is prepped.

Durable Construction

As precast concrete components, stair units are solid, durable structures that can support heavy loads without concern about current for future needs.

Low Maintenance

Precast concrete stairs require little less maintenance than other materials and will never squeak or sag.

Effective Pricing

Because of precast concrete’s tightly controlled and shorter production process, costs can be more accurately estimated earlier in the process.


Plant casting keeps the site cleaner and eliminates trades from the construction zone. Precast concrete stairs can be installed rapidly, ensuring easy access between floors as other work continues.

Green Design

Precast concrete stairs offer all the benefits that other precast components provide, including the ability to be recycled after the building’s service life.

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