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Cost – Effective Solutions

Cost – Effective Solutions

A variety of cost calculations are required on every project to determine what design approaches will generate the most advantages and allow budgets to be allocated most efficiently.

Initial, in-ground costs are the most obvious expenses. But hidden and longer-term costs are becoming more significant as owners and designers study material’s entire budget impacts.

The key to efficient design is understanding that each system choice impacts other decisions. The goal is to ensure all products and systems work together without creating redundancy or inefficiencies.

For instance, creating a total-precast concrete structural solution, including spandrels with any finish desired, can eliminate trades and reduce crews at the site, alleviating congestion and improving safety. It also condenses structure and finish into one single-source provider. Precast concrete’s long-span capabilities can minimize shear walls, while lite walls can improve sight lines and enhance wayfinding and security.

Maintenance needs throughout a structure’s life are a key hidden cost that must be considered. These costs accrue to the operating budget rather than the construction budget, and sometimes are not considered in evaluating the structure’s long-term costs during the design phase.

Precast concrete offers high durability, with joints that need replacing after 15 years or so, with an annual inspection quickly and easily accomplished. Blakeslee also offers a personalized, in-depth maintenance schedule to ensure the structure remains at peak efficiency.

A precast concrete structural system can save money in a variety of ways, speeding construction, eliminating trades from the site, reducing material needs, and allowing projects to be built on tight sites without disrupting the neighborhood.

These benefits allow budget to be shifted where it can have greater impact while ensuring the project is constructed on time and on budget, with a pleasing appearance. And the cost savings will continue throughout the structure’s service life.

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