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Precast Advantage

Structural Flexibility

Precast can meet almost any structural requirement, meshing with a variety of specific needs. These include benefits derived from long clear spans or larger panels that reduce the number of columns or joints.

Casting components off-site and delivering them as construction proceeds, ensures an efficient site that minimizes interference with on going traffic and activity around the construction site.

Aesthetic Versatility

Precast creates a sturdy, safe, authoritative image the reassures security-conscious users. It works well for all types of structures, from corporate headquarters buildings to institutional facilities, to Universities, hospitals, medical centers, motels, parking structures and stadiums.

Creation of Customized Components in Unusual Shapes and Sizes

Precast can also match textures or colors on existing structures, whether those buildings are historic or contemporary. It can be molded into almost any shape or texture, putting virtually no limit on what effects can be achieved for a façade.

Speed of Erection

The precast approach allows construction to continue in weather that would slow down or stop on-site construction using other materials. Since the casting process does not rely on other critical-path activities to begin, components can be produced as soon as drawings are approved, ensuring they are ready for erection as soon as foundation work and other site preparation is completed. Precast's ability to enclose the structure so much quicker than other types of construction allows trades to begin quicker and put the project "in the dry" faster, producing additional cost efficiencies.

High Performance Concrete/Durability

High-performance concrete provides even longer life cycles for all types of projects, particularly bridges and parking structures, at minimal cost. The result can be that a 35- year structure can even double in life expectancy. Such mixes also provide more resistance to the salts used to de-ice the structures in winter, minimizing corrosion and maintenance problems.

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