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Precast/prestressed concrete is the 'material of choice' for stadium and arena design and construction. Due to its design flexibility, inherent cost savings, speed of construction, durability and aesthetic qualities, precast concrete is a Winner for stadium construction.


Blakeslee has been a major player in the complex world of Stadium/Arena precast concrete construction in the Northeast. Whether the facility is an enclosed hockey arena or an open-air football stadium, Blakeslee has displayed the innovation, knowledge and performance to create customized concrete solutions for its clients. Blakeslee plays a key role in an age where design /build construction and accelerated schedules have become the norm.


Case in point is the award winning Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale University (photo inset left). This total precast structure is one of the largest tennis stadiums in the world. The structure embodies all the positive qualities of precast concrete construction featuring virtually no exposed connections, dramatic 'flying' stairs and cantilevered concourse platforms. By providing single source responsibility for the design and construction, Blakeslee worked with the team to meet the aggressive schedule, which required construction to be complete inside 1 year's time for the upcoming tennis tournament.


Our resume is a testament to the wide range of facilities we have built and all the different levels of involvement. We recognize that every project is unique and offer our customers a variety of services from preliminary design and value engineering to guaranteed price & schedule proposals. Blakeslee is a full service company contributing to all aspects of design and construction; we keep our eye on the ball so you don't have to.

Components of the System

  • Stadia seating units

  • Raker beams

  • Columns

  • Inverted T beams, rectangular beams, L beams

  • Spandrel panels

  • Tub units

  • Vomitory walls

  • Stairs

  • Hollow Core Plank
    (8", 10" & 12" thick x 8' - 0" wide)

  • Solid slabs

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