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Precast Parking Structures

Blakeslee has been at the forefront of state-of-the art parking garage design and construction for the past 45 years. Our business has been built upon developing close relationships with our customers by providing them with value-engineered solutions that meet their needs, and while doing so, achieving a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Having Blakeslee involved during the early development of your parking project allows the team to benefit from the experience we have gained with more than 200 parking structures.

Widely regarded as one of the nation's foremost builders of parking structures, Blakeslee has been involved in projects ranging from a 75 - car one (1) level parking deck to an eleven (11) level 4,500 - car, 1.2 million square foot parking structure . . . and just about every size project in between.

It seems that every owner today wants his or her building project to be built in record time. The key to getting this done is to get a firm commitment, early in the planning process, from a producer for the production space needed to meet your project schedule.

At Blakeslee we have the people and the experience to build your project on time and on budget.

Components of the System

  • Pretopped Double Tees (12'-0" wide x 34" deep)

  • Girders & 'L' Beams

  • Columns

Lateral Bracing Members

  • "H", "M", and "U" Frames

  • Vertical and Horizontal light walls

  • Solid Shear walls with or without integral columns

  • Spandrels

Elevator & Stair Tower Framing

  • Wall panels

  • Stairs

  • Landing and Lobby, Floor and Roof Slabs

Miscellaneous Products

  • Precast bollards

  • Grade spandrels

  • Column covers

  • Architectural accent pieces

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